Image of Rawl+Building+And+Annex

Rawl Building And Annex

Main Campus
ECU Buildings
Room Number Capacity Purpose
10142Smart Classrooms
10248Smart Classrooms
10348Smart Classrooms
10566Smart Classrooms
130101Smart Classrooms
13519Computer Labs
20148Smart Classrooms
20248Smart Classrooms
20342Smart Classrooms
20442Smart Classrooms
20524Smart Classrooms
20648Smart Classrooms
20748Smart Classrooms
20820Computer Labs
23248Smart Classrooms
23330Smart Classrooms
23448Smart Classrooms
3024Computer Labs
30320Smart Classrooms
30422Computer Labs
30648Smart Classrooms
30748Smart Classrooms
30940Smart Classrooms
33948Smart Classrooms
34230Smart Classrooms